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Our innovative elementary model integrates the Reggio Emilia approach with current research and best practices from the fields of child development, neuroscience and social-emotional learning.

Our small school environment serves Bridge Kindergarten through 5th Grade and has been designed from the ground-up to nurture each child's growth at the pace and challenge that's right for them. We ignite students' passion for learning by engaging their individual interests and creativity. We cultivate 21st century skills of communication, collaboration and critical thinking through dynamic learning groups and authentic, hands-on experiences.

We believe that every child has inherent, limitless potential. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for each child to thrive.

What makes us different?
Great question!


Our four multiage classrooms house two grade levels each, starting with kindergarten and continuing through 5th grade. We also welcome students who need a bridge kindergarten year.

Multiage classrooms remove grade-level barriers so learning can chart its own course. Group learning thrives with abundant opportunities for students to be experts, leaders and learners. Multiage classrooms mirror the real world and cultivate collaboration and emotional intelligence.


All children have an innate drive to reach toward next-level concepts and skills in their education. At A New Leaf, we know the best way to ignite a love of learning and build long-lasting knowledge is by honoring students' own curiosities, talents and interests.

We create ongoing opportunities for our students to chase their passions and learn today's curriculum standards within the context of personally meaningful, interest-driven classwork.


Collaborative small group, whole class and school-wide projects allow our students to scaffold each other's learning in a way that's fun, real and intrinsically motivating. We advance communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking, with a customized social language and communication program.

This unique, tailor-made program is responsive to current class projects and students' skill sets. Our Director of Social Language and Communication consults with teachers and observes each class to teach and facilitate relevant, higher language skills for immediate use in the classroom.


Our learning specialists work with all students to ensure and enhance individual progress across all subject areas and throughout every school year at A New Leaf.

This team includes our Social Language and Communication Specialist, a Reading Specialist and our Atelier who integrates artistic mediums into student projects. Our schedule ensures two educators are present with students during academic class times.

Spots are available in '24-'25!

Check out our location, inquire below or head to our Admissions Page for more information about how to apply. Let's keep in touch!

A picture of A New Leaf School's building in "In The Heights" in Texas.

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A picture of A New Leaf School's building in "In The Heights" in Texas.

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