"Learning and teaching should not stand on opposite banks and just watch the river flow by; instead, they should embark together on a journey down the water. Through an active, reciprocal exchange, teaching can strengthen learning how to learn." - Loris Malaguzzi

We're seeking passionate, experienced elementary educators who seek a creative, collaborative school community where they can make a lasting impact on our students, parents and school community as a whole.

We are currently interviewing for our 2023-2024 inaugural school year!

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Why work at A New Leaf?

We are committed to supporting our educators and staff so they can do what they do best and enjoy their work.

Our schedules are streamlined with daily classroom support from our learning support team.

We thrive in a rich, collaborative environment, learning with each other and sharing responsibilities.

We impact students and families in life-changing ways. Every voice has value. We are stronger together.

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