When can I tour and apply?

We are currently enrolling students for our second school year in 2024-2025.

If you'd like to receive information about our school, including our Recorded Parent Information Presentation via email, please check out our Admissions Page.

Do you offer financial aid?

As a new school, we are not able to offer financial aid at this time. However, we are eager to offer financial aid in the future.

What is the Reggio Emilia Approach?

The Reggio Emilia approach is an educational philosophy founded on the belief that children are inherently capable learners who, when given agency over their learning process and provided the means by which to explore it, can successfully reach their innate potential, as unique individuals and as citizens in community with each other, their teachers and parents.

True to Reggio Emilia, our educators' predominant role in the classroom is that of teacher-researcher. Each student's learning process is carefully observed, documented and reflected upon in order to individualize and empower their learning.

In the United States, the Reggio Emilia approach is most commonly found in preschool, the age group for which it was founded in Reggio Emilia, Italy, following World War II. However, A New Leaf expands the Reggio Emilia approach into the elementary grade levels largely based on the (greatly) inspiring work of Project Zero from Harvard University whose research points to how American schools can implement this approach while aligning with today's academic standards. Our unique learning support team further enhances our ability to empower students to reach their highest potential.

What is an Atelier?

In Reggio Emilia, this Italian term refers to both a teacher and a constantly-evolving studio space for creative studies. Our Atelier is a teacher responsible for integrating the creative arts into classwork based on current studies and student projects. Our atelier space is called The Living Room, which is a multipurpose space for explorative study and creation outside of the classroom as well as a space to host guest speakers, assemblies, meetings and clubs.

What grade levels are combined in your multiage classrooms?

A New Leaf School begins with our Bridge Kindergarten class for students over 5 years old. Within each classroom, two adjacent grade levels are grouped together for students’ optimal benefit. For example, one classroom may consist of first and second graders and another classroom may have second graders with the addition of third graders. We create our classes based on our students, considering them individually and collectively as a group, forming our decisions based on where each will thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

What are the benefits of multiage classrooms?

Research proves that multiage classrooms create a culture of collaboration over competition, increase respect for differences and provide abundant opportunities to practice being leaders or learners as students alternate being on the older or younger side within their current class. Our multiage classrooms allow students to learn curriculum at the evolving pace and challenge that’s right for them. Responsive small group instruction allows there to always be a peer to learn alongside.

Do you serve students with learning differences and/or diagnosed learning disabilities?

"A school needs to be a place for all children, not based on the idea that they are all the same, but that they are all different." - Loris Malaguzzi

We are a welcoming learning community at A New Leaf. We wholeheartedly believe in every child's limitless potential. Some students with learning differences or diagnoses may benefit from our school environment; however, we must work together on a case-by-case basis to assess our ability to serve each child's needs while also serving each class as a whole.

During the admissions process, we meet with each family to help determine if A New Leaf is in your child's best interest. We work together with parents to explore how we can support each child's individual needs together. Our goal is for prospective families to feel included, supported and empowered. Students with more complex learning difficulties or diagnoses may need additional support that our school cannot provide; however, we are open to exploring the potential with you.

Will you offer Extended Care?

Yes! We’re excited to offer a fun, flexible and engaging after-school program to serve our students and their families. Parents can choose from 1-5 days of after school care until 5:30pm. More details, including rate, can be found toward the bottom of our Admissions Page!

A picture of A New Leaf School's building in "In The Heights" in Texas.

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