Our Location

The Heart of Houston Heights

You can find us in the heart of the Houston Heights neighborhood, making ourselves at home in the historic Burnett House on 11th Street near Yale.


A Supportive Environment

We've collaborated with local, state and national historic boards to ensure our plans preserve the integrity of our special, historic location while making room for our future students to learn and grow. 

Construction of brand-new classrooms and engaging educational spaces is ongoing over the current school year. With excitement, our first admissions season opens in October 2022. We are enrolling K-5 students for our inaugural school year in 2023-2024.

Here’s what you can expect when our first-ever school year begins in 2023-2024.

Original Burnett House sketch with future plans
Brand-New classrooms

We've designed warm, interconnected spaces filled with natural light and elements that tie into the charm of our historic site. You'll see lots of live green plants, Heights bungalow-style finishes and flexible classroom furniture.


Our Atelier is a large, multipurpose space where students explore the creative arts in connection to what they're learning in class. It also serves to host guest speakers, assemblies and school events. It is a living, evolving space for all.

Exploratory Playground

Our playground is designed with sensory, whole body development in mind, so that students move freely, connect with nature, build structures (and friendships) and afterwards, return to class refreshed and happy.

Outdoor Learning Spaces

Sprinkled in nooks and crannies around our site are several outdoor learning areas for our educators to use with their whole class or small groups, whether for a change of scenery or to explore the natural world.


We’re installing a safe, secure carline for easy morning drop offs and afternoon pick ups. We can't wait to welcome our students onto our grounds in August 2023 with open arms!

A picture of A New Leaf School's building in "In The Heights" in Texas.

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A picture of A New Leaf School's building in "In The Heights" in Texas.

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Still looking for more information? We’d love to answer any other questions you may have about our school and philosophy.

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